How to be an antiracist

by Ibram X. Kendi - pub. 2019

All the details - part 1, intro to page 103

A more accurate title for this book would be “How to Blame the White Man for Everything.” This book is not scholarly research. It is propaganda and a racist, hate filled diatribe against whites. Kendi doesn’t care about accuracy, only in fostering racial strife. In Kendi’s world, nothing is race neutral.

Problems with this book:

1. Poorly researched with many factual errors.

2. You quickly realize Kendi is inherently racist, has a persecution complex, an obsession with race and blames racism for virtually every issue in society. 

3. Kendi supports some really evil people: Amiri Baraka, Louis Farrakhan and OJ Simpson.

4. This book, like others on this subject, spend considerable time trying to prove that the high crime rate of black America is not high.

5. ANY disparity between the races in ANYTHING is racism in Kendi’s warped mind - unless blacks are ahead. Then it’s okay. 

6. Like all good propagandists, Kendi cherry picks quotes to mislead people about what a person really meant to say. 


This book was published in 2019 - over 50 years after the Civil Rights movement began in earnest. Kendi refuses to recognize all the efforts by American society to bring blacks into the mainstream of society over the past 50 years.

Since the 1960s, TRILLIONS of dollars have been spent on urban renewal and the War on Poverty - largely benefiting blacks. Due to Affirmative Action programs, blacks have received preferential treatment in educational admission, employment opportunities, etc. All this was done for the purpose of redressing historic racial grievances.

Many companies across the country have voluntarily given large sums of money to black causes for decades. In August, 1981, Coca-Cola agreed to a $30 million give-away plan. In March, 1982, Heublein Corp agreed to pay $360 million to blacks - and the list of companies paying millions goes on.(1) There are many programs for blacks at the local level supported by local businesses.

The original Civil Rights movement was a high moral calling. Today’s civil rights movement is based on vengeance, spite and the ‘you still owe me’ attitude.

Disinformation by Kendi, Ava DuVernay, Robin Diangelo and others is undoubtedly a factor in the racial division plaguing the U.S. Nothing else needs to be done for civil rights for blacks. They have all the opportunity needed for success and they have had this opportunity for decades. 

Kendi is so consumed with victimhood he has “To Survival” printed on the flyleaf. Are blacks going to be put into the ovens like the Nazi’s did to the Jews? 






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Ibram Kendi

Page 18 - “Racial inequity is when two or more racial groups are not standing on approximately equal footing. Here’s an example of racial inequality: 71 percent of White families lived in owner-occupied homes in 2014, compared to 45 percent of Latinx families and 41 percent of Black families." 

Comment: In 1940, 23% of blacks owned their own home, increasing to 42% in 1970. Between 1970 and 1994, black home ownership stayed at 42%, despite the Fair Housing Act becoming law in 1968. President Clinton and the Congressional Black Caucus intended to greatly increase black home ownership  starting in 1993 using the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). 

While the intentions were good, the method used was catastrophic and was directly responsible for the economic crash in 2008. The CRA forced lending institutions to make bad loans to unqualified people so they could buy a home. Clinton and the Democrats threatened to drag banks into court and have them fined and branded as racists if they didn't go along with the left's Affirmative Action lending policies - all while federally insuring their losses. 

Even the New York Times warned on Sep. 30, 1999, that Democrats continuing to force banks into lowering their standards would lead to catastrophe. In Congressional hearings in Sep. 2003, democrats, particularly the Congressional black Caucus, openly ridiculed those who questioned the soundness and increasing amount of these subprime mortgages. Subprime mortgages grew from 5% of total originations ($35 billion) in 1994, to 20% ($600 billion) in 2006. 

In 2005, John McCain co-sponsored reforms that would have prevented the housing market collapse, but Democrats opposed these reforms. And then the crash of 2008 happened and the modest gains in home ownership vanished. (2)(3)(4)

In 1994, 42% of blacks, 70% of whites and 42% of Hispanics owned their own home. In 2006, two years before the economic crash, 47% of blacks, 74% of whites and 50% of Hispanics owned their own home. In 2016, after 8 years of Obama, home ownership had declined. Forty one percent of blacks, 71% of whites and 46% of Hispanics now owned their homes. (5)(6)(7) 


PAGE 19 - “As President Lyndon B. Johnson said in 1965, “You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say, ‘You are free to compete with all the others,’ and still justly believe that you have been completely fair.”

Comment: Johnson made this comment over 55 years ago. No longer applies. Time to move on.



The following comments by Kendi on pages 18, 19, 20 and other places in this book reveal Kendi’s diabolical agenda - total dictatorship.

PAGE 18 - Racial equity is when two or more racial groups are standing on a relatively equal footing.” “Racial inequality is when two or more racial groups are not standing on approximately equal footing. 

“A racist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial inequity between racial groups. An antiracist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial equity between racial groups.”

“There is no such thing as a nonracist or race-neutral policy. Every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity between racial groups.”

Page 19 - “But if racial discrimination is defined as treating, considering, or making a distinction in favor or against an individual based on that person’s race, then racial discrimination is not inherently racist. The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity, then it is racist.”

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination.”

Page 20 - “Antiracist ideas argue that racist policies are the cause of racial inequities.” 

Comment: Kendi is proposing a de facto dictatorship - without calling it that. Kendi demands equality of outcomes, which could only be accomplished by a total dictatorship because everyone is different.  Some people are more ambitious then others; some are smarter then others; some went to college; some will never succeed due to self destructive lifestyles or just laziness. 

Attempting equality of outcomes would destroy the country, the economy and all incentives to work. The U.S. was founded on equality of opportunity - NOT equality of outcomes. The Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917 promised the people equality. What they got was genocide and dictatorship. No form of government in history - dictatorship, socialist or otherwise - has ever produced a society where everyone was equal. Under Kendi, we would have equality of poverty, misery and hopelessness. Freedom & equality are diametrically opposed to each other.  

Granted, slaves had no opportunities until after the Civil War, but many schools and colleges were established in the years following the Civil War specifically for blacks. Today they are known as HBCUs - historically black colleges and universities. There WAS opportunity.

Kendi’s total hypocrisy is evident when he ignores the racial disparity in the NBA or NFL. Using Kendi’s logic, this disparity is caused by black racism. 



Reviewing The Rest Of “How To Be An Antiracist”

Page 4 - “My father, all six foot three and two hundred pounds of him, emerged from my high school gym’s entrance. He slowly walked onto the basketball court, flailing his long arms to get my attention - and embarrassing me before what we could call the ‘White judge.’ Classic Dad. He couldn’t care less what judgmental White people thought about him. He rarely if ever put on a happy mask, faked a calmer voice, hid his opinion, or avoided making a scene. I loved and hated by father for living on his own terms in a world that usually denies Black people their own terms. It was the sort of defiance that could have gotten him lynched by a mob in a different time and place - or lynched by men in badges today.”

Comment: Right off, Kendi reveals his inherent racism, persecution complex and obsession with race. You could get lynched for something sexual or murder - not for flailing your arms on a basketball court. Blacks are not denied living ‘on their own terms.’



Page 6, 7 - Kendi gave a speech on Martin Luther King day in 2000 which he now claims was racist. “Our youth’s minds are still in captivity!” “They think it’s okay to be those who are most feared in our society! They think it’s okay not to think!”  Kendi claims it is a myth that black youth don’t value education.

Kendi claims that “to say something is wrong about a racial group is to say something is inferior about that racial group. I did not realize that to say something is inferior about a racial group is to say a racist idea.”

Comment: So I guess blacks killing other blacks is not a problem. Kendi is critical of black civil rights lawyer Eleanor Holmes Norton who wrote an article to the New York Times in 1985. She urged the “overthrow of the complicated, predatory ghetto subculture.” “to save ‘ghetto males’ and women by impressing on them the values of “hard work, education, respect for family” and “achieving a better life for one’s children.” (page 26)

Kendi mysteriously ignores what Obama said on this subject on Father’s Day in Chicago in 2008: “But if we are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that what too many fathers also are is missing — missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men. And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it. (8) 

Facts are NOT racist. Let’s look at some crime statistics. The high crime rates of black violence are a matter of historical fact, not bigoted imagination. All crime is caused by self-destructive behaviors, bad attitudes and lack of morals.

Some crime stats:

*  “In 1921-22, the homicide rates in Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans per 100,000 Negro population were 103.2, 97.2, 116.9, and 46.7 respectively, while the corresponding rates for the white population were 15.0, 28.0, 29.6, and 8.4.”(9)

*  Homicide figures for Atlanta in 1931 show 106 Negros murdered. Seventy-six were killed by other Negros, 11 killed by policemen and 9 by whites. The other 10 were unknown.(9)

*  Blacks committed 52 per cent of all homicides between 1980 and 2008 - even though blacks are only 13 percent of the population.(10) 

*  In 2015, 51.1% of people arrested for homicide were African American, even though African American people account for only 13% of the U.S. population.(11)

Kendi claims it is a myth that black youth don’t value education, but that doesn’t seem to be the case among the leadership in minority communities:

Aug 2021 - Oregon democrat Gov. Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 744 into law which allows ‘minority’ students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math for the next five years, while Oregon develops new ‘standards.’

Democrats in the Legislature overwhelmingly supported ending the longtime proficiency requirement, while Republicans criticized it as a lowering of academic standards. Several democrats joined republicans in opposing this bill.

The Governor’s spokesman, Charles Boyle, said that suspending the reading, writing and math proficiency requirements will benefit "Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of colour."  

He added: "Leaders from those communities have advocated time and again for equitable graduation standards.” (12)

So when whites have the jobs, Al Sharpton will come to Oregon ranting about white supremacy. 



Page 8 - Kendi claims Trump was “defaming Latinx immigrants as mostly criminals and rapists and demanding billions for a border wall to block them.”

Trump was talking about illegals sneaking into the country: “They’re bringing drugs, bringing crime, their rapists - some, I assume are good people.” The Wall is to block ILLEGAL immigrants. Radicals like Kendi never distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. The fact is a lot of crimes are committed by illegals. (13)

In Texas, between June 1, 2011 and November 30, 2021, 243,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 401,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 743 homicide charges; 47,737 assault charges; 7,524 burglary charges; 49,446 drug charges; 729 kidnapping charges; 19,769 theft charges; 31,474 obstructing police charges; 2,204 robbery charges; 5,010 sexual assault charges; 6,111 sexual offense charges; and 4,387 weapon charges. 

Between June 1, 2011 and November 30, 2021, 10,545 individual  were identified as illegal aliens while in prison. They were charged with more than 8,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 109 homicide charges; 1072 assault charges; 537 burglary charges; 1,539 drug charges; 46 kidnapping charges; 408 theft charges; 783 obstructing police charges; 324 robbery charges; 693 sexual assault charges; 303 sexual offense charges; and 188 weapon charges. (14)

A California democratic Congresswoman thought it was funny when accosted by a mother who lost her daughter to an illegal alien drunk driver. (15)



Page 8 - Kendi claims: “Once he [Trump] became president, he routinely called his Black critics ‘stupid.’” (16)

Comment: Trump did NOT routinely call black critics ‘stupid.’ Trump calls political opponents names regardless of their race. Trump has never been diplomatic, but that is the way he is.  This is not a racial issue although Kendi wants to make it racial - like everything else. Calling people names is trivial when you consider Kendi ignores democrats calls for violence against Trump.  

** In Oct, 2017 in New York City, democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters declared: “With this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight.” The crowd of liberals cheered.  Why hasn’t she been expelled from Congress?? Isn’t this inciting violence?? (17)

** Bernie Sanders should be put in JAIL!! Sanders is likely responsible for the shooting on June 14, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia by James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois - a Bernie Sanders activist. Republican members of Congress were shot while practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. 

Four days before the shooting, Sanders - speaking in Chicago - said people are angry and these people should “. . .take your anger out on the right people.” AFTER the shooting Sanders condemned violence. The other democrats response was muted to say the least. (18)

**  In June of 2016, a mob of democrat fascists attacked people leaving a Trump rally in California. Some of these Marxists were waving Mexican flags.  And the police stood around and did nothing because the democrats have politicized much of law enforcement in America. (19) 



Page 8 - Trump promised “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” 

Comment: Trump made this statement several days after a massacre in California and a month earlier in France. On Dec 2, 2015, two Muslims, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, ISIS sympathizers, killed 14 people and seriously wounded 22 more at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California. 

Here is the ENTIRE Trump statement on Muslims entering the U.S.: “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”(20) Kendi didn’t think to put this quote in. The fact is most terrorists attacks around the world are by Muslim extremists.(21)

The attacks in France on 13 Nov, 2015 killed 130 people and wounded over 350. Some of the victims were tortured and mutilated before being killed. On 4 Nov. 2015, a student at UC Merced in California, Faisal Mohammad, stabbed four people before being shot dead.


Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik


Page 14 - Kendi mentions his dad reading works by Amiri Baraka but ignores Baraka’s extreme racism. Baraka’s most famous quote is: "You can't steal nothin from a white man, he's already stole it. He owes you anything you want, even his life. All the stores will open up if you will say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall motherf— this is a stick up!" (22)


Amiri Baraka

Page 20 -  “As Thomas Jefferson suspected a decade after declaring White American independence: ‘The blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind.'”

Comment:  That is not the entire quote. Kendi is intent on smearing Jefferson. He said a lot of things about blacks and slavery in his Notes on the State of Virginia, written in 1781 - 1782 and published in 1787. Jefferson said: “I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind.” (23)

Jefferson also praised blacks: “In music they are more generally gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time. . .(23)

Jefferson offered his ideas on gradual emancipation. All slaves born after passage of this act would be taught a trade at public expense for the girls to 18 and the boys to 21. At that time they would be sent back to Africa with adequate skills. 

There was widespread belief at that time that blacks would jump at the chance to go back to Africa. This turned out to be wrong. Very few blacks left the U.S. for Africa. Jefferson felt that blacks and whites could never live harmoniously with each other.(23)

It is interesting that so few blacks elected to go back to Africa. Could it be that life in America wasn’t as bad as historians tell us? Or was Africa worse then America?

Jefferson’s anguish over slavery is apparent in Query XVIII: “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever . . . ."(24)

In Jefferson’s initial draft of the Declaration of Independence in June, 1776, Jefferson denounced the British crown for getting Americans ‘hooked’ on slavery:

“He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life & liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither.” (25)

This statement was cut from the final document. Unless the south joined the north there was virtually no chance of a succesful rebellion against the mightiest military power of that day. Slavery was ignored.

Although Jefferson owned slaves, he made many statements against slavery. This contradiction was undoubtedly due to financial problems. Jefferson didn’t know how he could stay in business without slaves. Jefferson was in debt and slaves were an asset.

In 1778, with Jefferson's leadership and probably authorship, the Virginia General Assembly banned importing people to be used as slaves into Virginia. It was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to ban the international slave trade, and all other states except South Carolina eventually followed prior to the Congress banning the trade in 1807. Jefferson signed the bill into law. (26)

While this bill was a major step in the right direction, children were still born into slavery and slaves could still be bought and sold in the U.S. (27)

Jefferson played a key role in the passage of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude for the new states in the Northwest Territory - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. “There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” (28)

In Jan. 1805, Jefferson sensed the issue becoming intractable. He wrote, “I have long since given up the expectation of any early provision for the extinguishment of slavery among us. [T]here are many virtuous men who would make any sacrifices to affect it, many equally virtuous persuade themselves either that the thing is not wrong or that it cannot be remedied.” (29)


Jefferson’s home - Monticello

Page 21 - “Do nothing climate policy is racist policy, since the predominantly non-White global south is being victimized by climate change more than the Whiter global north, even as the Whiter global north is contributing more to its acceleration.” “Human-made environmental catastrophes disproportionately harming bodies of color are not unusual:”

Comment: This statement borders on insanity. Are rising seas only going to flood black neighborhoods?

On page 132 Kendi says: ”White supremacists claim to be pro-White but refuse to acknowledge that climate change is having a disastrous impact on the earth White people inhabit.” So now it’s white people getting flooded by climate change. Before is was non-whites. Truth is the U.S. has spent billions to reduce CO2. 

The U.N. Says America Is Already Cutting So Much Carbon It Doesn’t Need The Paris Climate Accord. (30)



Page 21, 22 - Alzheimer’s disease is “more prevalent among African Americans.” “My father survived prostate cancer, which kills twice as many Black men as it does White men. Breast cancer disproportionately kills Black women.”

Comment: And how is all that racist? Should call your doctor sooner. Testicular cancer is more common in white men than in black men. Must be racism somewhere.



Page 22 - Whites live 3.5 years longer then blacks. It never occurs to Kendi that lifestyle, obesity, smoking, drugs, crime are all factors. Blacks are more obese then whites. (31) Everything is racism to Kendi. If blacks start living longer then whites, would Kendi call for an investigation?

“African Americans are 25% more likely to die from cancer then whites.” Statistics from the American Cancer Society for 2019-2021 prove Kendi wrong.(32)

Developing Cancer
Dying from Cancer
Black (%)
NH White (%)
Black (%)
NH White (%)

Page 22 - Kendi then rants about ‘voter suppression’ - repeatedly (p 33) which there is none. Kendi rants: "Wisconsin’s strict voter-ID law suppressed approximately two hundred thousand votes - again primarily targeting voters of color - in the 2016 election.” 

Comment: This claim by ‘The Nation” of 200,000 voters being prevented from voting is based on bogus assumptions and is a fraudulent claim. This ‘study’ claims that voter ID laws had “a disproportionate impact on African-American and Democratic-leaning voters.” So what this article is saying is that democrat voters are too stupid to figure out how to get proper ID so they can vote. (33)

Wisconsin’s voter-ID law allows people to use the following as acceptable forms of ID: 
** A Wisconsin driver’s license.
** A Wisconsin state ID card.
** A military ID card.
** A U.S. passport.

The above documentation may still be used if they are expired, as long as they expired on or after November 4, 2014.

Other forms of acceptable identification include:
** A certificate of naturalization, within 2 years of issuance.
** A driver’s license receipt, issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), within 45 days of issuance.
** An ID issued by a federally recognized Wisconsin Native American tribe.

Wisconsin students can also participate in the election if they bring BOTH of the following:
** A photo ID issued by an accredited Wisconsin university, college or technical college.
** An enrollment verification document, valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Obviously this claim of voter suppression is bogus.(34) If voter ID reduces the number of people voting, it is because it prevented people from voting more then once or prevented illegals from voting. 

Democrats are against purging voter rolls because it is so much easier to commit voter fraud. There is nothing wrong with voter purges. In fact, IT IS THE LAW!!

In August, 2018, Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and the state’s Bureau of Elections cleared the state’s voting registration rolls of about 1.2 million names since 2011, about 200,000 since 2016.

The breakdown of the 1.2 million total, according to Johnson’s office, includes about 563,000 once-registered voters who have died, about 500,000 who moved within the state and re-registered, about 134,000 who moved out of state and have registered as voters elsewhere, and — Secretary Johnson specifically points out — “3,512 non-citizens”. (35)

So voter purges are to ensure the integrity of the voting system.



Page 24 - “Just before that arrival [Kendi’s birth] as my pregnant mother celebrated her thirty-first birthday on Jun 24, 1982, President Reagan declared war on her unborn baby. ‘We must put drug abuse on the run through stronger law enforcement,’ Reagan said in the Rose Garden. It wasn’t drug abuse that was put on the run, of course, but people like me. . .”

Comment: Only a lunatic would call the war on cocaine, crack cocaine a war on unborn black babies. Or else Kendi doesn’t care about the destruction of inner cities due to drugs. Would Kendi feel better if Reagan said we should allow inner cities to destroy themselves with drugs and drug laws will not be enforced in black sections of town?


Page 25 - Kendi claims that “white people are more likely than Black and Latinx people to sell drugs. . . Yet African Americans are far more likely than Whites to be jailed for drug offenses.”

Comment: This reflects racial differences in the drug markets in black and white communities. In poor black neighborhoods, drugs tend to be sold outdoors, in the open. In white neighborhoods, drug transactions typically happen indoors, often between friends and acquaintances. If you sell drugs outside, you're much more likely to get caught. (36)


Page 25 - Kendi claims “the races use drugs at similar rates.” 

Comment: Not true. In 2011 - 2012, blacks used drugs at a rate 23 percent higher than the general population and whites.(37)



Page 25 - “In 2016, Black and Latinx people were still grossly over-represented in the prison population at 56 percent, double the percentage of the U.S. adult population. White people were still grossly under-represented in the prison population at 30 percent, about half of their percentage of the U.S. adult population.

Comment: So Kendi wants quotas in sentencing people to prison. Having a higher percentage of blacks in prison does NOT prove racism, it proves the black crime rate is higher then the white crime rate so more blacks should be in prison. Also, more blacks are sentenced to prison because they have prior convictions.



Page 25 - Kendi claims Nixon launched his war on drugs in 1971 in order to devastate his harshest critics - Blacks and antiwar activists. Nixon aide John Ehrlichman allegedly  said: “We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Comment: Noted writer Dan Baum (1956-2020) interviewed Ehrlichman in 1994 when he allegedly made this statement but never publicized this statement until 2012 - 18 years later and 13 years after Ehrlichman died. It is doubtful Ehrlichman ever said this, so this quote should not have been used. 

There is no known recording of this conversation. Baum tracked down Ehrlichman for an interview. Any good reporter would have audio of an interview, especially one as important as this.(38) 

There was no legitimate reason for Baum to leave this quote out of this 1997 book "Smoke and Mirrors," which is all about the failed war on drugs. He feebly claimed it didn’t fit with the book’s narrative style, according to CNN.  But Baum DID use the quote in 2012 in the book  “The Moment,” a collection of stories about moments that changed writers’ lives. It was now safe for Baum to report this alleged quote since Ehrlichman died in 1999 and couldn’t dispute Baum’s claims.

Ehrlichman’s 5 children don’t believe their father said it. "The 1994 alleged 'quote' we saw repeated in social media for the first time today does not square with what we know of our father. And collectively, that spans over 185 years of time with him. We do not subscribe to the alleged racist point of view that this writer now implies 22 years following the so-called interview of John and 16 years following our father's death, when dad can no longer respond.”(39)

Former Nixon officials don’t believe Ehrlichman made this comment. “The comments being attributed to John Ehrlichman in recent news coverage about the Nixon administration’s efforts to combat the drug crisis of the 1960’s and 70’s reflect neither our memory of John nor the administration’s approach to that problem,” wrote Jeffrey Donfeld, Jerome H. Jaffe and Robert DuPont in a joint statement sent to The Huffington Post in March, 2016.

They added that Ehrlichman was “known for using biting sarcasm to dismiss those with whom he disagreed, and it is possible the reporter misread his tone ... John never uttered a word or sentiment that suggested he or the President were ‘anti-black.’” (40)


John Ehrlichman

Page 27 - Kendi bashes Reagan on about everything. Here is the truth Kendi doesn’t want you to know.  Reagan was president from January 1981 to January 1989.

1981 the poverty rate was 14%. In 1988 it was 13%  In 1965, the rate was 17.3% 

Jobs - Unemployment rate in November 1980 was 7.5%   In Nov. 1988 it was 5.3%

Inflation - Jan 1981 was 11.83% Inflation in Jan 1989 was 4.67% (41)

The economic lot for blacks and Hispanics improved far more than it did for whites after Reagan's tax cuts. In late 1982, Reagan's second year in office, the unemployment rate for blacks was 20.4 percent. By 1989, his last year, the black unemployment rate had fallen to 11.4 percent -- a 9 percent drop. In late 1982, the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 15.3 percent. By 1989, it had fallen to 8 percent -- a drop of over 7 percentage points. White unemployment, by contrast, fell "only" 4 percentage points.

What about black-owned businesses? In 1982, according to the Census Bureau, there were 308,000 black-owned businesses. By 1987, the number had increased to 424,000, up 38 percent. The number of all U.S. businesses was up "only" 14 percent. Receipts for black-owned businesses went from less than $10 billion to nearly $20 billion -- a 100 percent increase. (42)

Reagan did not gut welfare. Ronald Reagan recognized that the expansion of the welfare state was the greatest threat to the financial prosperity of the country and fighting it was a driving force throughout his political career.

California in 1971 was heading toward bankruptcy because of the massive growth in welfare spending. As Governor, Reagan discovered he was greatly hampered by federal welfare rules and policies. But Reagan was still able to achieve great savings for the state’s taxpayers and better serve the poor by focusing assistance to those most truly in need.

As a result of the tremendous savings generated by removing the non-needy from the welfare rolls, Ronald Reagan was able to INCREASE benefits to California’s most needy citizens in over a decade and a half. As Reagan expressed his concerns on the subject at the time:

“Welfare needs a purpose: to provide for the needy, of course, but more than that, to salvage these, our fellow citizens, to make them self-sustaining and, as quickly as possible, independent of welfare. There has been something terribly wrong with a program that grows ever larger even when prosperity for everyone else is increasing. We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.” (43)

The cost of Health care increased under Reagan but it has increased under every administration, Republican or Democrat. This is an ongoing issue.





Page 27 - “His [Reagan’s] “stronger law enforcement” sent more black people into the clutches of violent cops, who killed twenty-two black people for every white person in the early 1980s.” 

Comment: There is no source for that claim. What we do know is Blacks are more likely to resist police then whites and create a confrontation. We also know the black crime is far higher then the white crime rate. As an example: the race of persons convicted of felonies in state courts in 2006 were: blacks committed 51% of homicides, 33% of all property crimes (burglary, larceny, auto theft and fraud). 49% of all drug trafficking charges and 57% of robberies and aggravated assault. (44) 

From 1980 to 2013, 2,269 police officers were murdered. The racial breakdown of their murderers shows that 41 percent were black - although blacks comprise only 13% of the population.(45)



Page 28 - Kendi mocks the Christian Gospel of saving and civilizing. Kendi mocks the advice of his parents and black leaders of the day that education and hard work would uplift black people. Kendi supports “liberation theology.” And a segment of blacks have certainly taken liberation to heart - note the massive increase in black crime and the “you owe me” mentality.

In 2020, blacks committed hate crimes at a higher percentage then whites. Blacks committed 21.2% of hate crimes while whites committed 55.1% of hates crimes. Blacks are only 13% of the population while whites are 61.6% as of 2020. (46)

Page 28, 29 - “They joined other Black people trying to fit into that White space while still trying to be themselves and save their people.” 

Comment: This is another racist statement by Kendi. Exactly how do Whites prevent blacks from “trying to be themselves and save their people?” You can eat what you want, dress how you want, listen to the music you want, etc. If blacks don’t feel ‘at home’ in America, time to move back to Africa where you will be ‘free.’



Page 29 - “Assimilationist ideas are racist ideas. Assimilationists can position any racial group as the superior standard that another racial group should be measuring themselves against.”

Comment: Kendi is clueless on what Assimilation means and what it doesn’t mean. Due to the brilliance of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution they wrote, about 80 million people have immigrated to the U.S. since 1790. Almost no one went to Mexico so the U.S. must have a pretty good system in place and immigrants need to recognize and honor this system. Otherwise go back to your native country.

With immigrants coming from nearly every nation, speaking hundreds of different languages, there had to be areas of conformity, or else we would not have a unified nation. The Founding Fathers recognized this when they adopted our national motto “E Pluribus Unum” in 1782 - "Out of many, one." One of the areas of conformity was language. Although the English language was never the official language of the US, everything was done in English and everyone was expected to learn English. This system worked brilliantly for 200 years.

What does it mean for immigrants to assimilate into American society?

1. Your first loyalty now is to America - see 1889 Naturalization certificate at end of this document.

2. Learn the English language. Often the first generation of immigrants has a hard time learning English but the next generation is often bilingual. Then the children interpret for the adults.

3. Understand our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the voting process.

4. Learn basic American history.

Diversity is when we like different foods, entertainment, sports, fashion, etc.————————————————-


Page 31 - Kendi claims Trump called Latinx immigrants “animals.” This is another LIE by Kendi. Even snopes recognizes Trump was talking about deporting Mexican gangs, specifically MS-13 and they ARE animals. (47)


Page 37 - “I am among those who have been degraded by racist ideas, suffered under racist policies, and who have nevertheless endured and built movements and cultures to resist or at least persist through this madness.

Comment: Kendi has a persecution complex and invents racism so he can feel justified wallowing in his victimhood. Kendi writes books, is well off financially and travels where he wants. 



Page 45 - “During the 2013-2014 academic year, black students were four times more likely than white students to be suspended from public schools.”

Comment: This does not prove racial bias. The black crime rate is far higher then the white crime rate, so there will be a higher suspension rate for blacks than whites. 

The Government Accountability Office in 2018 found that black students get suspended at nearly three times the rate of white students nationally, a finding consistent with previous analyses.”

However, the brilliant publication “City Journal” reports: “The GAO report ignores the critical question regarding disciplinary disparities: do black students in fact misbehave more than white students? The report simply assumes, without argument, that black students and white students act identically in class and proceeds to document their different rates of discipline. This assumption of equivalent school behavior is patently unjustified. According to federal data, black male teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at nearly 10 times the rate of white male teenagers of the same age (the category “white” in this homicide data includes most Hispanics; if Hispanics were removed from the white category, the homicide disparity between blacks and whites would be even higher).”

“The Justice and Education Departments recently released their annual report, “Indicators of School Crime and Safety.” Black students self-reported being in a physical fight at school at over twice the rate of white students in 2015—a data point certainly relevant to the question of racial rates of school discipline.  Schools that were 50 percent minority or more reported weekly gang activity at nearly ten times the rate of schools where minorities constituted 5 percent to 20 percent of the population. Reports of gang violence in schools with less than 5 percent minority populations were too low to be usable statistically. Widespread weekly disorder in classrooms was reported in schools with at least 50 percent minority populations at more than five times the rate as in schools with 5 percent to 20 percent minorities. More than four times as many high-minority schools reported weekly verbal abuse of teachers compared with schools with a less than 20 percent minority student body. Widespread disorder and teacher abuse at schools with less than 5 percent minority populations was again too low to be statistically reliable.”

After radical Mayor Bill de Blasio limited school suspensions, “A student was stabbed and killed in history class in a New York school where teachers reported a dramatic drop in discipline. The district attorney in St. Paul called the rise in attacks on teachers a “public health crisis.” The district attorney in Syracuse forced schools to return to traditional disciplinary policies after a teacher was stabbed. Charlotte is experiencing an increase in guns, drugs, and assaults on teachers; school assaults in Durham increased more than 50 percent last year. And the education of students, especially black students, is suffering as well. Wisconsin schools that adopted the non-punitive disciplinary measures advocated by the Obama administration (and now, the GAO) had lower reading and math achievement than schools that stuck with traditional discipline.”

“Teachers are among the most liberal professionals in the country. Yet we’re supposed to believe that once these social-justice warriors enter the classroom, they are unable to evaluate their black students fairly. Overcome by prejudice, they see disruption and defiance where none exists. The opposite hypothesis is more likely: teachers strive mightily to avoid removing black children from classrooms. They do so only after other means of discipline have been exhausted, and they do so in order to preserve the right of other students to learn in a safe and orderly environment and to instill a sense of consequences in students who break the rules.”(48)



Page  56 - In eighth grade, after the ‘not guilty’ verdict was read for the O. J. Simpson trial, “we leapt from behind our desks, shouting, hugging each other, wanting to call our friends and parents to celebrate.”

Comment: Every objective person knows OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife, Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman. Black support for Simpson was based on racial solidarity. Kendi admits that blacks thought Simpson was guilty.



Page  56 - Kendi wanted to go to Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Million Man March’ in 1995.  Farrakhan is racist and anti-Semitic - like Adolf Hitler. Here is one of his quotes from 2018: “White folks are going down and Satan is going down, and Farrakhan, by God's grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew, and I'm here to say you're time is up – your world is through."

Comment: Anyone who embraces Farrakhan is evil and a racist. Period. (49) 



Page 59 - On the subject of Africans selling millions of other Africans into slavery abroad, Kendi figures out a way to blame it on the white man. 

Kendi claims “European intellectuals created race between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, lumping diverse ethnic groups into monolithic races.” Therefore “Africans involved in the slave trade did not believe they were selling their own people - they were usually selling people as different to them as the Europeans waiting on the coast.”

Comment: Kendi’s claim is fraudulent - really laughable. Just because people had been grouped into different races doesn’t prove anything. It didn’t prevent Arab Muslims from going to Africa and bringing back blacks to be slaves hundred of years before the European slave trade began. Kendi ignores the fact that slavery - yes chattel slavery - was common in Africa BEFORE the white slave traders arrived.

While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Trans sahara and East African slave trade was between 80 and 90%! While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work, most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation as concubines, in harems, and for military service.(50)

While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth. (50)


This 19th-century engraving depicts an Arab slave-trading caravan transporting black African slaves across the Sahara. The trans-Saharan slave trade developed in the 7th and 8th centuries as Muslim Arabs conquered most of North Africa. The trade grew significantly from the 10th to the 15th century and peaked in the mid-19th century.(51)

It is estimated that possibly as many as 11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic (95% of which went to South and Central America, mainly to Portuguese, Spanish and French possessions. Only 5% of the slaves went to the United States).(50)

A little known fact is that Islam’s founder, Muhammad, was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle; he had sex with his slaves; and he instructed his men to do the same. The Quran actually devotes more verses to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as sex slaves - 4 times -  than it does to telling them to pray five times a day (zero). (52)

Nearly all modern historians agree that the scenario depicted by Alex Haley in the movie Roots - that of white raiders penetrating the African interior to rout African villages for slaves is fraudulent.



Page 61 - “America must be kept American,” President Calvin Coolidge said when he signed the 1924 [immigration] law. 

Comment: Kendi has the date wrong. Coolidge made that remark in his State of the Union Address on Dec 6, 1923. Some people - like Kendi - claim this is a racist remark, but lets look at Coolidge's entire comment.

“American institutions rest solely on good citizenship. They were created by people who had a background of self-government. New arrivals should be limited to our capacity to absorb them into the ranks of good citizenship. America must be kept American. For this purpose, it is necessary to continue a policy of restricted immigration. It would be well to make such immigration of a selective nature with some inspection at the source, and based either on a prior census or upon the record of naturalization. Either method would insure the admission of those with the largest capacity and best intention of becoming citizens. I am convinced that our present economic and social conditions warrant a limitation of those to be admitted. We should find additional safety in a law requiring the immediate registration of all aliens. Those who do not want to be partakers of the American spirit ought not to settle in America.”(53)

This is not racist at all. It is brilliant. And this policy produced a united and proud America. The government didn’t cater to immigrants in their native language or lavish social welfare programs on them. Considering we have Mexicans waving Mexican flags in America and tearing down the American flag - while demanding ‘rights’ for illegals - Coolidge was certainly correct.(54)  

Calvin Coolidge

Page 61 - Kendi then lies still again when he says “Coolidge and congressional supporters determined that only immigrants from northeastern Europe - Scandinavia, the British Isles, Germany - could keep America American, meaning White.”

Comment: More twisted Kendi history. First, America was never totally white and immigration from Scandinavia was never high. There were already millions of blacks and immigrants from countries other then the British Isles and Germany in the U.S. Many of the countries that had reduced quotas were ‘white’ countries. 

Between 1900 and 1920 the nation admitted over 14.5 million immigrants. (55) After World War One, concerns over mass immigration and its impact on the country began to change Americans' historically open attitude toward immigration. The horrors of trench warfare in World War One sparked the isolationist movement in Americans. The anarchist bombings in 1919-1920, mostly by Italian immigrants and growing fears of the spread of communism were also factors in this Isolationist Movement.(56)

Immigrants admitted to the U.S. between 1920 and 1924: (57)
Italy - 460,644   (the U.S. also deported 236,985 Italians, more then any other country)
Germany - 149,103
Poland - 183,881
Sweden - 57,883
Norway - 40,891
United Kingdom - 301,471
Mexico - 255,774

The immigration bill of May 26, 1924 reflected that change. The issue was reducing the number of immigrants coming into the U.S. and bringing in immigrants who would fit into our culture and the American system of government. This immigration bill drastically reduced immigration into the U.S. to 164,667 annually.(58)                                                                                                      .......                 ......
This bill effectively banned any Japanese from immigrating to the U.S. and Japan protested. This is considered racism today, but prior to World War Two, most nations felt a strong desire to maintain their national culture - Japan being a perfect example. That is how the world worked at that time and in some countries, still does. It is interesting to note that even today, it is very difficult for a non-Japanese to become a citizen of Japan. It was even harder in the early 20th century.

Page 62 - Kendi claims “A year later, as attorney general, [Jeff] Sessions began carrying out the Trump administration’s anti-Latinx, anti-Arab, and anti-Black immigrant policies geared toward making America White again.”

Comment: Again, Kendi is lying. People were deported if they were here illegally. It had nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Throughout this book, Kendi refuses to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants.


Page 63 - “We practice ethnic racism when we express a racist idea about an ethnic group or support a racist policy toward an ethnic group.”

Comment: But Kendi accuses the entire white race and police of racism throughout this book.


Page 73 - “Black people comprise 13 percent of the U.S. population. And yet, in 2015, Black bodies accounted for at least 26 percent of those killed by police, declining slightly to 24 percent in 2016, 22 percent in 2017, and 21 percent in 2018, according to The Washington Post.”

Comment: This does not prove racism on the part of police. Blacks are far more likely to create a confrontation with police. The black crime rate is far higher then the white crime rate, so that accounts for the higher percentage of blacks killed by police.



Page 75 - Kendi claims whites believe blacks are “being raised with an unprecedented inclination toward violence - in a nation that presumably did not raise White slaveholder, lynchers, mass incarcerators, police officers, corporate officials, venture capitalists, financiers, drunk drivers and war hawks to be violent.”

Comment: There hasn’t been a white slaveholder since 1865. The small number of people involved in lynchings are all dead. There is no mass incarceration - see page 180. “Police officers, corporate officials, venture capitalists, financiers, and war hawks” do not engage in street crime and the vast majority are law abiding citizens. Drunk drivers are law breakers. Kendi is one for nine.


Page 75 - Kendi claims the 1994 crime bill was an attack on blacks since the violent crime rate had already started to fall. The murder rate was at historic highs in 1991 and fluctuated from 1990 through 1994. After 1994, the murder rate dropped from 9 (1994) to 5.5 (2000).(59) The overall violent crime rate also peaked in 1991 and then dropped until 2004.(60)

There is every reason to believe the 1994 bill was largely responsible for the crime rate falling through the 1990s. This bill was supported by many black representatives in Congress who saw their cities being torn apart in drug wars. 



Page 80 -  Kendi claims “Segregationists who consider black neighborhoods to be war zones have called for tough policing and the mass incarceration of super-predators.”

Comment: Putting ‘super-predators’ in jail is the intelligent thing to do and it does not make you a segregationist. Another racist comment by Kendi. 


Page 80 - Kendi claims that black youths (16 - 19) had an unemployment rate “topping 50 percent in the mid-1990s.”

Comment: The highest unemployment rate for black youths in the 1990s was 44.6% in April 1993 under Clinton. 

When Trump took office in Jan 2017, the black youth unemployment rate was 25.8 percent. In Feb 2020, the last month before Covid wrecked the economy, the rate was 21.7 percent. Yet Kendi and his ilk constantly bad mouth Trump. (61)



Page 83 -  Nothing is too bizarre for Kendi: he defends ‘ebonics.’ “Ebonics had grown from the roots of African languages and modern English just as modern English had grown from Latin, Greek, and Germanic roots. Why is Ebonics broken English but English is not broken German? Why is Ebonics a dialect of English if English is not a dialect of Latin? The idea that Black languages outside Africa are broken is as culturally racist as the idea that languages inside Europe are fixed.”

Comment: Ebonics is ghetto English slang. English is not broken German, Greek or Latin.————————————-

Page 84 - 88 - Kendi claims cultural racism in America. “Whoever makes the cultural standard makes the cultural hierarchy. The act of making a cultural standard and hierarchy is what creates cultural racism.”

“To be antiracist is to reject cultural standards and level cultural difference.”

“I hated what they called civilization, represented most immediately by school.”

”To be antiracist is to see all cultures in all their differences as on the same level, as equals. When we see cultural difference, we are seeing cultural difference - nother more, nothing less.” 

Comment: All cultures are not on the same moral level as others. The Aztecs engaged in human sacrifice on a huge scale. The Nazi culture believed in eliminating undesirables - over 6 million deaths of Jews and others. Obviously these are extreme examples but the point is some cultures are superior to others. Kendi ignores the high black crime rate, violence and excessive noise.  If this is Black culture it is obvious that white culture is superior. It also explains why black culture and white culture doesn’t mesh and probably never will. 

Kendi celebrates what he considers to be black culture. Kendi “just loved being surrounded by all those Black people - or was it all that culture?. . .” “blasting tunes from the store to the car trunk” and celebrating gansta rap. Kendi loves ”our nonstandard dress,” “nonstandard Ebonics,” “Fresh baggy jeans sagging down,” “Dangling chains.” 

”Time to put on the shoes in the morning. Put on a second sock halfway and fold the other half twice on top of my toes to fill the front of the sneaker. It hurt like those tight Guess jeans . . . But who cared about pain when fresh brought so much joy.”

Kendi should investigate if this is really African culture - or black ghetto culture. Kendi dismisses black civil rights activists like C. Delores Tucker, who campaigned against rap in the mid-1990s. “You can’t listen to all that language and filth without it affecting you.” Kendi just wants to be different to be different.



Page 101 - “The use of standardized tests to measure aptitude and intelligence is one of the most effective racist policies ever devised to degrade Black minds and legally exclude Black bodies.”

Comment: There is nothing racist about taking the SAT. Taking the SAT is an American rite of passage. Along with the increasingly popular ACT, the SAT is critical in identifying student readiness for college and is an important gateway to higher education. Yet despite efforts to equalize academic opportunity, large racial gaps in SAT scores persist.

In February 2017, Brookings Institution did a study on SAT scores. The average black score on the math SAT was 428 in 2015; the average white score was 534, and the average Asian score was 598. 

The usual poverty explanations for the SAT gap don’t hold up. In 1997, white students from households with incomes of $10,000 or less scored better than black students from households with incomes of $80,000 to $100,000. (62) 

Proponents of racial preferences (Kendi, etc.) routinely claim that the SATs are culturally biased and do not measure actual cognitive skills. If that were the case, blacks would do better in college than their SAT scores would predict. In fact, blacks do worse. Further, the math test is not amenable to the “cultural-bias” criticism - unless one believes that math is itself biased. Presumably, 1 + 1 = 2 for blacks and whites. These gaps have a significant impact on life chances, and therefore on the transmission of inequality across generations. (63)

Yet companies around the country are fined if they don’t have the required race/ethnicity/gender Makeup. All quotas should be abolished and go back to hiring the best. When America did that in the past we WERE the best.



Page 101 - “We degrade black minds every time we speak of an ‘academic achievement gap’ based on these numbers” - standardized test scores.

Comment: So we will have to teach math with ‘anti-racist’ material. We can end “systemic racism’ in math education with Equitable Math Instruction!! 

“Welcome to ‘A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction’ which addresses ‘barriers’ to math equity for Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students in grades 6-8. This program seeks “to develop an anti-racist math practice” as they “journey from equity to anti-racism.   

This program aims to dismantle “white supremacy in math classrooms by making visible the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math.” 

“White supremacy culture is the idea (ideology) that White people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.” Here are “the terms used to identify white supremacy characteristics as follows:”

• Perfectionism
• Sense of Urgency
• Worship of the Written Word 
• Paternalism
• Either/Or Thinking
• Individualism
• Only One Right Way
• Objectivity

“Antiracist math educators deconstruct the ways they have been taught math to learn and teach math differently:

*Design a Culturally Sustaining Math Space - Use culturally relevant, antiracist pedagogy, practices, and curriculum.

*Center Ethnomathematics - Identify and challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.Expose students to examples of people who have used math as resistance. Provide learning opportunities that use math as resistance.

*Support Students to Reclaim their Mathematical Ancestry”

Expose students to mathematicians of color, particularly women of color and queer mathematicians of color, both through historical examples and by inviting community guest speakers.

And the insanity goes on and on. (64)



Page 103 - Kendi claims black schools are underfunded - believing low achievement is due to lack of funding. Students desire to learn is the deciding factor. Kendi is not aware of the 1985 test in Missouri.

For decades critics of the public schools have been saying, "You can't solve educational problems by throwing money at them." The education establishment and its supporters have replied, "No one's ever tried." In Kansas City they did try. 

In 1985 a federal district judge took partial control over the troubled Kansas City, Missouri, School District(KCMSD) on the grounds that it was an unconstitutionally segregated district with dilapidated facilities and students who performed poorly. To improve the education of black students and encourage desegregation, a federal judge invited the Kansas City, Missouri, School District to come up with a cost-is-no-object educational plan and ordered local and state taxpayers to find the money to pay for it.

Taxpayers shelled out nearly $2 billion over the next 12 years to build new schools, integrate classrooms, and bring student test scores up to national norms. Kansas City spent as much as $11,700 per pupil--more money per pupil, on a cost of living adjusted basis, than any other of the 280 largest districts in the country. 

The money bought higher teachers' salaries, 15 new schools, and such amenities as an Olympic-sized swimming pool with an underwater viewing room, television and animation studios, a robotics lab, a 25-acre wildlife sanctuary, a zoo, a model United Nations with simultaneous translation capability, and field trips to Mexico and Senegal. The student-teacher ratio was 12 or 13 to 1, the lowest of any major school district in the country. 

The results were dismal.  Test scores did not rise; the black-white gap did not diminish; and there was less, not greater, integration. (65)



Page 103 - “In Pennsylvania, a recent statewide study found that at any given poverty level, districts with higher proportion of White students receive significantly more funding than districts with more students of color.”

Comment: NOT true. Kendi forgot about Matthew Kelly, a Penn State education professor who acknowledged there were low-spending, high-achieving districts in Pennsylvania, but districts that spend more than others, but perform worse — such as Lancaster.  (66)

A 2009 comparison between public and Catholic school SAT scores show that public school students had an overall average of 496 points on the critical reading portion of the test while Catholic school students scored 533 points on the same portion. Catholic school students outscored their public school counterparts by an average of 23 points. Catholic high schools spend $2,000 less per pupil than public schools. Class size are considerably bigger then public/private schools.(67)

Funding does NOT determine scholastic development - the students desire to learn is the most important factor. The United States turned out brilliant Americans in all fields using the old method of teaching.



Another example where lots of effort and money has produced zero results is in Baltimore, Maryland city schools.

Exactly 1,307 employees in a Baltimore school district are making over $100,000 per year, despite low test scores, enrollment, and graduation rates, according to a report from Project Baltimore. Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Sonja Santelises is the district’s highest-paid employee, making $339,000 a year, up $22,000 in the past three years. The highest-paid teacher in Baltimore last year made $156,601. The median teacher salary was $73,592. Leaked documents show Baltimore high schoolers perform math, reading at grade school level.

Hundreds of students who failed nearly all of their classes were promoted by the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts, a school in west Baltimore. Two students in the entire school tested “proficient” in math and English in 2019. The school’s graduation rate is 48%.

One of the Augusta Fells students in the report passed three classes during his four years in high school and earned a grade-point average (GPA) of 0.13. His transcripts show he is ranked #62 of 120 in his class, which means 58 students have a GPA less than or equal to 0.13.

Carl Stokes, a former City Council member and charter school operator declared. “We have thousands of kids who are not getting an education, who get out of school or quit school and they have no skill set to sustain themselves. They can't. They can't get a decent job. They can't live well,” said Stokes.

So what happens is white kids get the jobs and then they are accused of having white privilege.(68)(69)  


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