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Gun Control Guns have always been around in America. But we’ve only had mass shootings in schools or other places for the past 20. So what has changed? Guns haven’t changed, but people have.
Generations of American children watched gun violence on Television and in the movies.   From Westerns to crime dramas, from war movies and even in cartoons, American children were exposed to a society where guns were a normal part of life.  One of the most popular toys for boys were guns. However, even in this “gun culture,” they didn’t shoot up their schools. In fact, up until 20 or 30 years ago, kids would bring their rifles to school during hunting season, leave it in the office (in some cases unloaded in their lockers) and walk out the front doors after school to go hunting. Today this would be unthinkable. 
.Prison Reform -  The purpose of Prison is:
1) To keep people who are a menace to society separate from society.  
2) To punish with a loss of freedom those who will eventually return to society.

There are some people that must be kept locked up forever, whatever the cost, and USUALLY they are. It is very expensive to keep an inmate in a conventional prison.  The number of inmates in traditional prisons could be substantially reduced by putting non-violent prisoners into less expensive prisons which would greatly reduce costs, but still maintain control.
Purpose of a Trial The purpose of a trial is to determine guilt or innocence, not who has the slickest lawyer.  Since the 1960s, guilt or innocence has been undermined by liberal judges, who have let many guilty people go free to prey on society again due to a technicality.  If the prosecution makes a mistake, it should be treated as a separate issue, not be used to let a guilty person go free.