God’s Politics 
Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it
by Jim Wallis


By the title of this book, you would think Jim Wallis has set out on an objective intellectual critique of the religious right and political left. Wallis reveals his true self before chapter one.  In the first paragraph of the front flap, Wallis says,

“Since when did believing in God and having moral values make you pro-war, pro-rich, and pro-Republican?  And since when did promoting and pursuing a progressive social agenda with a concern for economic security, health care, and educational opportunity mean you had to put faith in God aside.”

It’s all downhill from here.  The last paragraph on the front flap reads:

God’s Politics offers a clarion call to make both our religious communities and our government more accountable to key values of the prophetic religious tradition - that is, make them pro-justice, pro-peace, pro-environment, pro-equality, pro-consistent ethic of life (beyond single-issue voting), and pro-family (without making scapegoats of single mothers or gays and lesbians). ...

Wallis is a left wing socialist partisan who has written a very VERY long book bashing Bush and Conservatives. He recites the standard liberal verses on tax cuts, the Iraq war, terrorism, poverty, etc., and shows complete ignorance of the conservative point of view.  Wallis, like most on the radical left, believe “social justice” means the government must spend billions more on social programs. Wallis spends plenty of time lying about Republicans and religious conservatives.

In this book he does what he accuses Republicans of doing - using religion to support a political agenda.  Incredibly, Wallis ignores the long history of the political lefts ridicule of Christianity and morals. Now he wants liberals to suddenly stop bashing Christianity, embrace it and somehow twist the Bible enough so they can use it to justify THEIR political beliefs - and of course win the White House in 2008. This is Jim Wallis’s twisted politics, not God’s.  

Save your money, read the flap and you’ll know all you need to know about this rambling, poorly written book.

Wallis is the the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine, which is supportive of left wing political causes.