Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton

The  differences  are  massive

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have dirt in their past. Trump has bankruptcies and been recorded making lewd sexual talk years ago when he was a democrat. Even with this, Hilllary is the anti-woman candidate. Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and has always gotten away with it, thanks to Hillary, who destroys the reputations of Bill’s victims. In addition, Hillary has multiple felonies that Obama refuses to allow federal law enforcement to prosecute. Trump has hired a lot of women executives.


Despite Trump’s well publicized gaffes, Trump’s ideas will save America. Hillary Clinton’s will DEVASTATE America.


Historically, America has only allowed in enough immigrants to what our economy could absorb. Right now our economy is being overwhelmed with illegals who take away jobs from both legal immigrants and American citizens. Also, it’s vital to understand that Trump is against ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal immigrants as Hillary supporters claim.

Trump will secure our borders. Clinton will not. Libertarian Gary Johnson will not. Both Clinton and Johnson support ‘Open Borders,’ meaning zero border enforcement. Clinton and Johnson will allow millions of illegals to enter our country and turn us into a 3rd world country. Johnson objects to the use of the term “illegal immigrant.” Hillary does not even MENTION illegal immigration on her web site. Hillary believes we should let families—regardless of immigration status—buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Hillary believes in programs to assist illegal aliens. Common sense tells you that the more benefits you give to illegals, you encourage more illegal immigration. Clinton will not deport illegals unless they have committed a serious crime (maybe - obama let a lot of illegal criminals stay) and if you claim you are persecuted in your home country, no problem, welcome to America.

Clinton wants to increase Syrian Muslim refugees into the U.S. from 10,000 to 65,000 immediately. Why the rush to bring in people with nothing in common with our culture when Christians in the Middle East are being exterminated? Clinton and Obama don’t care about them. We should be bringing in these Christians. They will not massacre people like Muslims do and will make great Americans.

Judiciary - Rule of Law and Constitution

Obama has destroyed the Rule of Law by prosecuting political opponents and shielding supporters - like Hillary Clinton. Clinton is also an enemy of the Rule of Law. The people who Hillary Clinton nominates for the Supreme Court will be as radical as the two that obama got on. This means the Supreme Court will be ruled by radical politicians instead of constitutionalists. Hillary Clinton’s judges will carry out her political agenda and complete obama’s drive to essentially create one party rule like 3rd world dictatorships. Hillary Clinton supported Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders and will do the same. Trump believes in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. 

Second Amendment - Gun Ownership

If Hillary is elected President, the Second Amendment is history. Hillary will see that it becomes ineffective with no legal standing. She will allow lawsuits that will bankrupt American gun manufacturers and appoint Supreme Court Justices who will ban private ownership of guns - except for her supporters. Clinton has endorsed a 25% national gun sales tax. If Hillary gets in, can you guess how much higher the gun sales tax will go? Trump will protect the Second Amendment.

Voter Fraud

Hillary Clinton opposes Voter ID laws, spreading the fantasy that having to show a drivers license or other approved ID cards somehow suppresses voter turnout. You have to show proof of identify at banks and many other places. If voter ID laws reduce the number of voters, it’s because they are not eligible to vote or want to vote multiple times. If you are a legitimate voter, you can register online and vote. Obama, Clinton and nearly every democratic politician opposes voter ID. Trump believes that voting must be protected from fraud. In addition, rigging of voting machines has become a real worry. Machines should be used that can’t be programed.(2)


Hillary supports a $10 billion government investment in businesses, called “Make it in America Partnerships.”(2) For all you people who think this is wonderful, here is a political fact of life used by liberal politicians like obama and Hillary. If you support Hillary, you will get help from the government. If not, you’re screwed. Business who supported Obama were not hounded over government regulations. Opponents were. This favoritism is how 3rd world dictatorships operate.
The reason business sends manufacturing abroad now is because the business climate in the U.S. is terrible. Fix that and you fix our manufacturing economy. You need to fix the business climate, not pick favorites. Hillery will pick winners, not fix the business climate. Trump will reduce business taxes for ALL businesses and bring jobs back to America. 


Hillary Clinton has made clear she intends to dramatically raise taxes on the American people if elected. Hillary plans an income tax hike of #350 billion and business tax hike of $275 billion. She has proposed a death tax increase, a capital gains tax increase and a tax on stock trading. Her planned net tax increase on the American people is at least $1 trillion over ten years, based on her campaign’s own figures. She has said she would be fine with a payroll tax hike on all Americans and has endorsed a steep soda tax.

The Economy

Everywhere she goes, Santa Hillary promises many new government programs with billions of additional money spent to save our economy - apparently forgetting that Obama had 8 years to fix it. Obama has raised the national debt from 10.6 Trillion to $19.36 Trillion(Aug 3, 2016). Hillary NEVER MENTIONS the deficit. A lot of Hillary’s economic plan is VERY similar to what obama said in 2008 and 2012. Obama did NOTHING to make America’s business climate friendlier to manufacturing. In fact, obama made it worse for business and Hillary will do the same. Trump will attack the national debt by growing the economy.(5)

National Defense

Under Obama, many weapon systems in the U.S. military are fast becoming obsolete and Clinton says NOTHING about funding new weapons that will help us to start catching up with Russia, whose military spending on weapons is at Cold War levels. According to her website, Hillary wants to defeat the ideology of ISIS and global terrorism and the ideologies that drive it and attack “defense” issues like climate change, cyber threats, and highly contagious diseases. Johnson wants huge cuts in defense that will essentially give Russian war monger Putin a free hand in bullying the world. Trump will rebuild our military and destroy ISIS.(5)

Crime - Racism

Clinton encourages the victimhood mentality in America and supports hate groups like Black Lives Matters. Hillary is a “reverse” racist who thinks only whites are racist and ignores racists of other races/ethnicities - two obvious examples being Al Sharpton and Farrakhan. The black on white crime rate is sky high but Hillary doesn’t care. 

Gay “Rights” 

Hillary will shove gay rights down everyones throat - especially the military. Clinton and Johnson support legal status for same sex marriage. Trump opposes gay marriage.

Media Bias

The Media is not hiding the fact that they are doing everything possible to get Clinton elected. If Trump makes one gaffe in an hour long speech, they will play the 10 second gaffe endlessly and ignore the rest of the speech. Meanwhile, Hillary’s lies and corruption are trivialized. How fair is all this?

Selling out America for personal gain(7)(8)(9)

In 2009, Obama and Hillary Clinton got the bright idea to create a world class high tech research center outside Moscow called Skolkovo. By 2012 Skolkovo had assembled 28 Russian, American and European “Key Partners.” Of the 28 “partners,” 17, or 60%, made financial commitments to the Clinton Foundation, totaling tens of millions of dollars, or sponsored speeches by Bill Clinton. 

Vlad and Hillary

 The Department of Justice - run by Obama political hacks - prevented efforts by federal law enforcement agents to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Of course, Hillary Clinton denies kickbacks and denies Russia will gain access to military technology.(10) However, according to the Skolkovo Foundation, as of 2016, the Russian government has so far invested 123 BILLION rubles in the center.(11) Is ANYONE gullible enough to believe that Vladimir Putin is putting all this money into a project that will not benefit the Russian military? Even when repeated warnings were given to Clinton that Russian researchers were engaging in military research, she did nothing to stop the project. So Hillary Clinton is selling out our country and making millions doing it! 

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If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding our positions, PLEASE email us at: 

We will be happy to answer your questions. If you want to have a discussion, include your phone/cell number.

Sources: (NOTE: Clinton’s web site keeps changing)