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History shows that all great nations have destroyed themselves. Countries rise, peak and then go into gradual decline. While America is still a great place to live, it is not what it should be. After 200 years, America IS in decline. The signs are everywhere. Young people have no clue how much this country has changed because the present is all they know. To understand why America is in decline, we need to understand the vision our Founding Fathers had for America.

So what is the ideal country we would like to live in??  This is the exact question our Founding Fathers asked. After much discussion, thought and prayer, they came up with a new form of government. The values and fundamental principles put into place made the new country of the United States of America unique in the world and caused over 70 million immigrants to come to America because they wanted to become proud Americans and be part of the American Dream. However, after 200 years, America is losing these foundational principles. Everything that made America, and American culture special and unique in the world is being lost - and many Americans don’t even know it.

Purpose of American Action

This web site is intended as an educational resource for students, parents, voters and everyone else. This web site will prevent students from being brainwashed by the political left. It is a valuable resourse that needs to be used often. For instance, if a student is taught that America started the Mexican American War, all the student has to do is go to Mexican American War under American History heading to get the truth. Mexico started the war.

It’s not a great mystery why America is in decline. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We have taken the best ideas of both Republicans and Democrats and added our own for common sense solutions to America's problems. Both government and people have to make changes. There are NO unsolvable problems - merely lack of willpower and discipline. We need to vote good people into office.

If you are in general agreement with our positions, NOW would be a really good time to become active. If you don’t understand something, contact us. Hopefully, over time, you will come to understand our point of view. No two people will ever agree on every issue. Conformity only happens in a dictatorship. In some areas we will agree to disagree - a great American tradition.  


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*We are a C Corporation. Why not a non-profit? It takes considerable time and money to get this approved by the IRS. In addition, Obama and his Justice dept hack, Eric Holder would likely launch a politically motivated attack on our non-profit status. Even if we win our case, we would spend a lot of money. The solution is to not waste money on a non-profit and instead be a C Corporation, which is easy to do, is low cost and we can say what we want without the thought police coming after us. So this means donations are not tax deductible.